Sharing a Meal

Sharing a meal with our family to feed our souls and bodies

The following video (Video of 2.3 minutes) is of an extended family eating a Thanksgiving meal. It is surprising and yet compelling to see them speak to the unconscious patterns and roles that drive most individual’s behaviors. It is dry humor, yet we can see how the same patterns have run within our own families. We see how our behaviors impact others.

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What could it be like to be more aware of our unconscious thoughts, actions, and emotions – especially in social situations? We are typically only aware of 5-10% of our behaviors. So that means most of what we do internally and behaviorally is unconscious! No wonder we get confused, bogged down in fear, guilt, loss, jealousy and avoidance dramas.

When we have played out the same roles over and over again, it can be really difficult to create changes in attitude, behavior and response levels. I remember struggling with a close relative who would anticipate my response based on previous experience and prejudge what she thought I’d say. Her pre-judgement would be substituted for a real response from me. She at times wouldn’t even ask me. She thought, “ What would be the point in talking to you, I already know what you’d say”. Ouch!

So I forced the question, and actually had a different response than she had prescribed. I had been reflecting on the subject and had deeper considerations than she was aware of.

Replaying reactions over and over again keep people stuck in ruts. In these types of situations family members often give up on shifting their experience into a higher, more satisfying and nourishing situation. Growing up with interactions kept on a surface social level can interfere with developing deeper self- confidence. Support systems in which you could be real emotionally could make a big difference in self- development.

Marriage counselling on an individual level and on a family level can help you break through your ruts and to develop more fully. Processing in a supportive therapeutic can help you get to the deeper root issues that help you create healing and change.

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